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Metal Buildings in Flood Zones: Added Peace of Mind

Mother Nature might be unpredictable, but certain measures — such as constructing metal buildings in flood zones — can help protect properties, businesses and bottom lines against her wrath. The Metallic Products team has put a lot of thought into the matter because, as a company headquartered in Houston, Texas, we know all too well what rising waters can do to an area. So, why exactly are metal buildings in flood zones a good idea? Allow us to explain!

Metallic Products discusses the benefits of metal buildings in flood zonesSteel Stands Up Strong Against Moisture
Due to their porous nature, wood, stone and similar materials have a tendency to weaken, rot and break when submerged in water. And that can lead to time-consuming (and costly) structural replacement. You don’t have to worry about that with a metal building! The steel that comprises your structure is solid, and should be just as strong after the storm as it was going in. While a thorough cleaning will be in order once the floodwaters subside (and you could find yourself replacing things like carpeting and insulation) you shouldn’t be up against rebuilds that break the bank.

Your Threat of Mold is Diminished with Metal Buildings
As we’ve discussed previously, although metal buildings aren’t immune to mold growth, their inorganic make-up means mold won’t feed on (and thus corrode) your structural steel. When unchecked moisture does lead to mold in or on a metal building, a professional cleaning job on the affected panels or studs is usually enough to get the job done. Yes, that mold removal will cost some money, but it won’t lead to the all-out replacements that might otherwise be required for structures made from wood and the like.

Quick Build Times Make for Fast Repair Work
Water isn’t the only consideration during flood events. Heavy equipment, tools, trees — and countless other things — can find themselves displaced during storms, and that can lead to bumps on the exterior elements of your buildings. The good news is, such damage can typically be hammered out, bent back into shape or quickly swapped out for new. Metal buildings’ prefabricated nature means accessing replacement pieces is fairly simple, assuming you know the color and size you’re searching for. So, even if something does ding your structure, you’ll be back to business in no time.

Of course, no two storms are ever the same — and neither are the metal buildings that weather them. If you have questions about the tools and metal building accessories that might make sense for your upcoming projects, feel free to contact our team. We’re happy to help, and we would love to hear from you!