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The Metallic Products Story

Established in 1962 by Roy Hairston, Metallic Products has served as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of ventilation systems for more than half a century. Metallic Products began as a trim shop, building ventilation products by hand for Mes-Tex Steel Buildings. Although seemingly simple by today's standards, Mr. Hairston's approach revolutionized the industry. Because metal building manufacturers were accustomed to building their own ventilation accessories, they viewed Metallic Products' services as a way to save both time and money.

Word spread about the company's dedication to quality and attention to detail. Soon, despite their small warehouse, crude dies — and just one shared vent assembly table — Metallic Products was serving some of the industry's largest names. In 1967, Kirby Petroleum purchased Mes-Tex and moved the shop under its main unit. Sensing an opportunity, Mr. Hairston left Kirby to grow Metallic Products into a chartered corporation, attracting top talent and committed customers along the way.

The company upgraded to a larger space, its original setup no longer meeting its needs. At the same time, with competitors entering the scene, it sought new ways to draw business. Metallic Products modernized its manufacturing techniques and computerized operations, and also saw Secretary and Accountant Betty Ferguson step up to try her hand at sales. Although an unprecedented approach in the male-dominated industry, it proved successful.

1982 to 1991 were hard years, as the company faced an oil recession and yet more competition. Now Houston was home to four ventilation accessory manufacturers. With a focus on frugality, efficiency, customer service and some luck, however, they pulled through.

In 2002, Metallic Products decided it was time to enjoy some added elbow room. A move to a 10-acre tract in northwest Houston — its current home — allowed the company to invest in cutting-edge technology and design equipment to create top-notch metal building accessories at competitive prices. Today, while the company is internationally known for ridge ventilators, it offers a host of related products, including roof curbs, wall louvers and personnel door canopies.

Metallic Products takes pride in providing quality, cost-effective ventilation products, outstanding customer service and shortened lead times to its friends and customers. And the company looks forward to doing so for years to come. That's work that flows.

Metallic Products Quality Seal

The Metallic Products quality seal represents our commitment to providing ventilation accessories held to the highest performance standards. Our products are crafted for optimal airflow and work together to perfect your ventilation system.

  • Durable Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Efficient Performance
  • Guaranteed Airflow

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Metallic Products is committed to our valued partners. Our purpose is to provide you with the highest quality products coupled with unmatched levels of service. We pledge to listen and respond to your needs and work daily to earn your business. We understand that suppliers and customers are our partners with common goals of quality and performance. We strive every day to uphold our end of that partnership. Finally, we need and appreciate your business for continued growth and to satisfy all your metal building ventilation accessory needs.

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Meet the Metallic Products Team

  • Travis_Wendt
    • Travis Wendt
    • Owner & President

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  • Daryl_Wendt
    • Daryl Wendt
    • Vice President,
      Business Development

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  • Mike Hairston
    • Mike Hairston
    • Vice President,
      Research & Development

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    • Samuel Gray Jr.
    • Vice President, 

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    • John Ferguson
    • Vice President,

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  • Paul_Walton
    • Paul Walton
    • Vice President, Finance

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    • Joshua Flores
    • Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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    • Gary Lawson
    • Sales Representative

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  • Steven_Mireles
    • Steven Mireles
    • Inside Sales Representative

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  • Kurt_Neitz
    • Kurt Neitz
    • Shipping & Receiving Manager

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    • O'Brian Vasquez
    • Quality & Inventory Manager

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  • Paul_Olivarez
    • Paul Olivarez
    • Purchasing Manager

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    • Blake Neitz
    • Process Control Manager

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