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Built to Last: Fun Facts About Steel

Have you ever taken a moment to look up facts about steel? The truth is, the material that makes up the structures our metal building accessories go into is just as interesting as the structures themselves. Versatile, eco-friendly and strong as — well — steel, the metal is a modern-day marvel. Read on, dig in and prepare to be amazed. Here are a few of our favorite facts about steel.

Steel Can Be Used Time and Time Again
In a world that remains so dedicated to “going green,” steel really takes the cake. The building material can be recycled many times over without risk of losing its strength. And that recycling happens all the time. In fact, as the American Iron and Steel Institute notes, 69% of all steel is recycled in North America annually. (That’s more than plastic, paper, aluminum and glass combined.)

Steel is Produced at an Astounding Rate
Just how much steel s brought into the world each day? As Tampa Steel notes, enough to build the Eiffel Tower 548 times over. It should be noted, however, that not all of that steel is brand new. Due to steel’s aforementioned eco-friendly nature, all steel that you purchase has been previously recycled.

Steel Makes for Safer, More Durable Buildings
It’s no secret that Metallic Products is a big proponent of the metal building and its components. While steel roofs can last 50 years, as opposed to their asphalt counterparts’ 17, the benefits don’t end there. Steel-framed structures aren’t vulnerable to termites, they are less likely to fall victim to mold and they are ideal for areas prone to flooding. In addition, steel doors are fireproof and can help keep blazes contained.

We hope these facts about steel have gotten the wheels turning, or at least given you a fun conversation starter for your next company meeting. If you’re interested in learning how Metallic Products can help keep your metal buildings safe and healthy, feel free to reach out. We would love to work with you.