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The Metallic Products Door Canopy Makes its Residential Debut

A Metallic Products personnel door canopy is now part of Trendmaker Homes' residential designs

For a while now, Metallic Products has touted the many benefits a personnel door canopy offers. From improved safety, to protection from the elements and modern aesthetic touches, door canopies don’t just bring something to the metal buildings upon which they sit — but to the people who work in and around them. Our team is excited to announce that those benefits now have their place in residential spaces, too!

The Metallic Products door canopy on a Trendmaker Homes residential build

Texas-based building company Trendmaker Homes recently incorporated our personnel door canopy into their new builds in Cypress’ Bridgeland community. Perched above these gorgeous homes’ entryways, our canopies will provide much-needed shade from the scorching Texas sun and protection from falling rain. (They’ll look pretty good doing it, too!)


We love Trendmaker’s blend of metal accessories alongside traditional building materials such as stone, siding and stucco. The end result feels both modern and comfortable, and the Metallic Products team is so incredibly honored to have played even a small part in bringing this vision to reality.

Metallic Products' personnel door canopy on a home in Trendmaker Homes' Bridgeland communityDoes Metallic Products have a future in the world of residential homes? Only time will tell, but we think homes like Trendmaker’s offer exciting opportunities. Regardless, you can trust our company to continue providing the quality metal building accessories and ventilation products you know and trust.