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Steel Building Maintenance and Ventilation Accessories

Steel building maintenance plays an important role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of the structures you depend on. The good news is, while steel building maintenance is important, it’s also fairly straightforward. Let’s break down a few key steps toward metal building maintenance — and how ventilation accessories can help.

Experts recommend having your metal building inspected at least twice a year. It’s a good idea to space inspections out — for instance, before winter to ensure the building is ready to withstand colder temperatures and snow, and then again in spring, to check for any issues that might have arisen while the building was covered in snow. It’s best to book inspections in advance so they’re already on your calendar (and so you don’t forget).

Any damage found to your steel building should be repaired right away. Things like scratched panels can speed up corrosion, while holes or bends in the metal can cause moisture infiltration and warping. This can lead to corrosion, as well as growth of mold and bacteria, and foundation deterioration. Note where repairs were made so inspectors can pay added attention the next time they give your buildings the one-over, to ensure the repair work corrected the damage.

A thorough once-a-year (or more) cleaning keeps your metal building looking good and reduces surface staining and growth of organic matter like fungus. Before using a cleaning solution, be sure to try it out on a test spot to make sure it does not react negatively with the building’s powder coat or paint. Regular cleaning will keep your building looking like new for years to come.

Proper ventilation is crucial to keeping indoor environments healthy and comfortable. Adding features like louvers, fans and ridge vents helps prevent moisture buildup that can be corrosive to your building — and allow fresh air in while releasing hot, moist air out. When air is continuously circulated, it minimizes the chance of condensation building up. Proper ventilation reduces repair needs associated with corrosion, as well as cleanup associated with the mold and bacteria it can produce if left unchecked.

Overall, metal building maintenance is fairly simple. If carried out on a regular schedule — and paired with proper metal building ventilation — maintaining your steel structure should be easy. If you have questions regarding steel building maintenance, or need help choosing the appropriate ventilation accessories for your building’s size and function, feel free to contact us. Our ventilation experts are always ready to help.