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Metal Building Projects and the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Communication and a willingness to work together are always important when it comes to metal building projects. From that crucial initial guidance from the building’s end user, to conversations between the teams providing various metal building accessories — and, of course, details required by the builder who brings it all together — it takes countless crews coming together to complete such projects. Now, as we navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 coronavirus, those things are more important than ever.

Metallic Products discusses COVID-19 and metal building projectsWe might all maintain our own specialties — niches that help us stand apart — but we’re working toward the same goal. We want to provide quality customer service, put forth the best build possible and create structures that keep people happy and safe. Although it remains unclear exactly how COVID-19 might affect metal building projects and the businesses that carry them out, there has been some speculation. Here is a roundup of some of the news stories out there about what might lie ahead — and how crews are approaching the issue now:

Construction Crews Everywhere are Taking Things Day by Day
From employee task forces aimed at supporting companies through these strange times, to project halts and constant news monitoring, Construction Dive notes that companies everywhere are adjusting their practices as new information arises and circumstances change.

Construction Companies (and Supporting Industries) Are Aiding the Fight Against COVID-19
Following Vice President Mike Pence’s request for construction companies to donate masks to hospitals and other medical organizations experiencing low inventory, crews have answered the call. Reports in areas ranging from Columbus, Ohio, to Victor, New York, tell of companies giving what they can to help keep those around them healthy.

The Industry is Bracing for COVID-19’s Potential Impact reports that construction delays and increased labor shortages could lie ahead, as well as litigation by clients whose projects are not completed by the agreed-upon date. Still, much of that impact will be determined by the effect the virus has at the global level — and on the global workforce.

We might not know exactly what the future holds, but it’s clear we’re all in this together. If there is anything Metallic Products can do to help you or your business at this time, please feel free to get in touch. Stay safe and healthy out there, friends!