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Tips to Keep Your Projects on Point

How much consideration do you give your metal building accessories? If you’re like many people out there, you tend to overlook them. (Don’t feel bad. After all, high-quality metal building accessories are designed to blend in with their surroundings. So, if you don’t have to give them much thought, they’re doing their job.) It’s important to note, though, that such additions to your steel structures can truly go a long way toward improved airflow, enhanced comfort levels — and nice aesthetics, too. That is, if you go about them in the right way. Read on for helpful information surrounding your steel buildings’ accessories.

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Key in on Your Structure’s End User

It isn’t enough to incorporate quality metal building accessories into a space. (Although yes, quality is important.) You should also ensure the accessories you choose suit the end user’s unique needs. Industrial operations cranking out work on a near constant basis require more ventilation than those that work on a more limited scale. Likewise, it might make sense for builds in hotter climates to incorporate more natural ventilation accessories into the mix. Rainfall and other considerations might also help guide your decision regarding whether fixed or adjustable louvers make the most sense. If you have questions on any such issues, contact your metal building accessory provider. They’ll be glad to offer assistance.

Consider Your Steel Building’s Spot on the Map

Weather patterns are unpredictable, but certain geographic regions experience extreme conditions on a semi-regular basis. Some metal building accessory producers offer products engineered specifically for such areas. At Metallic Products, for instance, our Florida-approved ridge vents, low profile vents and wall louvers have undergone extensive third-party testing, and meet the strict guidelines set forth by the Florida Building Commission. On a related note, our ice shield canopies are built from sturdy 10-gauge steel, and can withstand extreme snow/ice loads and wind uplift. When consulting with your metal building accessory provider, be sure to note where exactly your build can take place, and any environmental concerns you might have. They’ll be able to offer insight and answer questions to get you started on the right foot.

Keep Your Overall Aesthetic in Mind

Beauty may only be skin deep, but looks matter to some extent. Many metal building accessory manufacturers offer a range of options aimed at helping your finished product look its best. At Metallic Products alone, most of our offerings are available in a number of color and finish options. Meanwhile, our cupolas (with their accompanying accessories) and architectural louvers add a bit of aesthetic interest. If it’s your steel building’s silhouette is your key concern, consider incorporating low profile vents, as opposed to standard ridge vents, to the top of the structure. Low profile options don’t move as much air as their more traditional counterparts, but they are the more visually streamlined option.


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