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Where Airflow Meets Aesthetics: All About Industrial Louvers 

Efficiency is key in the industrial world. A system or component able to tackle multiple jobs at once is the epitome of the “work smarter, not harder” mindset — and a valuable tool for operations looking to keep output on track. Industrial louvers are a great example. 

Industrial louvers on the roof of an agricultural building

Industrial louvers can be incorporated into everything from manufacturing operations to agricultural buildings, retail shops and beyond.

These seemingly simple metal building accessories help create cooler, healthier and more comfortable indoor spaces while also improving a structure’s looks. On top of it all, industrial louvers require little to no ongoing maintenance, and don’t even use electricity.   

At Metallic Products, we believe a multitasker of this caliber deserves a closer look. Here, we delve into the health and safety benefits industrial louvers offer your people and spaces, ways they can elevate your aesthetic and special considerations for operations in areas prone to wild weather.  

Beginning with the Basics: What is a Louver?

Before we discuss louver varieties and the benefits they offer your steel buildings, let’s answer one of the more common questions we receive. What is a louver?  

Industrial louvers on Metallic Products’ shop floor

Metallic Products’ Metal Building Wall Louvers video offers an up-close look at industrial louvers and their many benefits.

A louver is a metal building accessory designed to aid in natural ventilation, meaning it carries out its work with no need for electricity. With angled blades fastened horizontally into a frame, it resembles a window with its blinds down, and it ushers clean, fresh air into a metal building. Its goal is to help regulate indoor temperatures, keep humidity in check and even keep nuisances such as snow, rain, insects and debris outside where they belong. 

Ideally a louver will serve as one element of an overall ventilation system. While it does the work of an intake fan, welcoming fresh air in, it’s helping to feed that air to accessories such as ridge vents and power vents which then remove everything from harmful fumes to uncomfortable humidity, unpleasant odors and excess heat. At Metallic Products we offer three main varieties: 

  • Fixed Louvers: Featuring blades permanently locked in at 45-degree angles 
  • Adjustable Louvers: Featuring movable blades capable of being opened, closed and adjusted to suit airflow needs 
  • Architectural Louvers: Fixed louvers available in triangular or round shapes to add visual interest to a space 

So, what is a louver? It’s a low maintenance yet extremely effective means of helping metal buildings breathe, while also encouraging safer, more comfortable environments.  

Metallic Products Tip: In our Metal Building Wall Louvers video, company Owner and President Travis Wendt offers a closer look at your industrial louver’s benefits and uses, as well as your available options. 

Safeguarding Your Structures for Storm Season with Hurricane Louvers

Louvers offer key ventilation benefits for industrial operations of all types and sizes. Even so, certain circumstances require added reinforcement. We recommend hurricane louvers, or those featuring Florida product approval, for use in areas regularly impacted by high wind events. 

Florida approved wall louvers do the same work as their more traditional counterparts but feature enhanced engineering that helps them stand up against adverse weather. And, although the certification process ensures they are approved for use by the Florida Building Commission, they can be used all over. 

Hurricane louvers are subjected to scenarios that mimic what they might experience during a storm — large missile impact tests, wind uplift tests, driven rain tests and the like. The goal is to push them to, and then past, their limit to see exactly what they can withstand.  

Findings are carefully evaluated by a licensed third party and, if the product proves itself to be safe and effective, it receives official Florida product approval validation. From there, the product line undergoes regular quality assurance audits to ensure Florida approved louvers manufactured later continue to meet or exceed the standards established in the beginning.  

Metallic Products offers both a fixed blade louver and a center-pivot adjustable louver for use in storm-prone areas. These products feature 18-gauge galvanized steel frames and blades, and are available in a range of colors.   

Metallic Products Tip: Want to learn more about high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) and Florida product approval? (It’s interesting stuff!) Our blog covers the details you should know. 

Louvers and Your Building’s Look: Architectural Solutions to Consider

Although airflow benefits are the key reason most operations incorporate industrial louvers into buildings, the accessories offer other selling points, too. With their range of shapes, colors and finishes, these architectural solutions serve as great options for those interested in adding to their structure’s aesthetic. 

Architectural louvers, as we’ve already mentioned, come in shapes beyond traditional square frames. Their circular or triangular forms work with the structure in interesting ways, drawing the eye while still providing ventilation benefits. While all louvers are incorporated into a structure’s walls, you might find these architectural solutions in places that are more noticeable, such as above a window or beneath a more visible roof peak.  

Color and finish considerations are another simple way to add visual appeal to a space. From bold hues that stand out in stark contrast to a building’s main palette to two-toned options that incorporate a company’s accent colors and more nuanced tones that blend with the rest of the building, the options are virtually endless. It’s all about determining the general atmosphere you’d like your space to create and then incorporating visual elements that make it possible.  

Consider speaking with your accessories provider early on in your design process to determine your available options. Factoring such details into a build at the start is the best way to ward off costly redos or a finished structure that doesn’t quite meet the look you were going for. 


The industrial wall louver is a go-to accessory for structures of all types, sizes and uses — and it benefits operations in multiple ways. If you have questions about which options are right for your needs, or if you’re interested in learning more about the best way to approach a particular project, feel free to reach out to Metallic Products. Our building accessory pros take pride in helping structures reach their full potential, and we’d love to talk.