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How to Increase Energy Efficiency in Steel Buildings

No matter how hot (or cold) the temperature may get, there are a few easy ways to increase energy efficiency in steel buildings — and we aren’t talking about adding thick new layers of insulation. You may be able to cut down on energy costs and improve your building’s carbon footprint just by incorporating a few of these tips.

Increase Airflow
It may seem counterintuitive, but adding natural ventilation can actually help regulate the temperature inside your metal buildings and reduce the reliance on mechanical ventilation systems. By strategically placing ridge vents and louvers throughout your space, you can improve a building’s air circulation dramatically. Increased airflow can lower the inside temperature during the hot summer months and make the building more energy efficient, too.

What if the building is in a highly humid area, or heavy-duty operations mean natural airflow won’t provide enough air circulation? There are additional ways to cut down on energy costs is steel buildings. Some of these solutions may require an upfront expense, but the energy savings will add up over time.

Alternative Energy Savings
Consider installing skylights or solar tubes to increase natural light and reduce the need to run lighting all day. It’s relatively easy to cut through a roof to add natural light to a steel building. Be sure to install an energy-efficient skylight or solar tube units, and to replace any insulation that’s displaced in the process. If new skylights aren’t in the budget, you can always swap out old traditional lamps for cooler, more energy-efficient LED lights. Those will cut down on heat transfer and are usually brighter than older lamps.

For one last way to beat the heat, add a coat of reflective paint to cut down on heat transferred to the interior of the building. It’s true you’ll lose a little bit of warmth in the winter, but heat transfer during winter is usually negligible. Reflecting heat off the building during the summer does more for the building’s efficiency.

Steel buildings are durable, long-lasting structures. But there’s one final tip to help keep your building running smoothly and efficiently: regular maintenance. Inspect your steel building regularly and keep an eye out for any necessary repairs or damage to ventilation systems. Keeping the building in top shape goes a long way toward keeping efficiency levels high.

Have questions about maintaining the efficiency of your steel building? Give the Metallic Products team a call! We can help you find the right solutions to improve your building’s efficiency during peak weather conditions and all year long.