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Rust Prevention and Metal Building Maintenance

Metallic Products covers rust prevention and metal building maintenance

Rust prevention is an important aspect of metal building maintenance. After all, rust doesn’t just affect a structure’s look. It’s among the first signs of corrosion, and it can spell tremendous trouble down the line. At Metallic Products, we believe everyone benefits from being fully informed. Read on for insight into the importance of rust prevention and tips to help keep issues at bay.

Rust Can Devalue a Building
Whether it serves as shelter for stored items or a workshop for your operations, you’ve invested a lot into your metal building. Seeing its worth deflate due to unmanaged corrosion can be discouraging, to say the least. Protect your investment by conducting routine inspections for rust. By knowing what’s going on, you’ll be able to easily identify any changes and remedy the situation quickly. If you spot rust at the onset, you can easily scrub it off using a wire brush and vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will eat away the invading material.

Rust Causes Corrosion
When left unchecked, rust can corrode your metal buildings, providing new pathways for moisture to enter. This is not only bad for the building, as it can infiltrate the building’s insulation and items stored inside, but is the perfect catalyst for mold growth. Prevent corrosion by keeping the building clean and trimming back nearby trees so they don’t scratch against the paneling. If you do spot a corroded area, be sure to patch it up so water can’t enter. Then, disinfect affected areas with a wire brush and bleach to kill off any mold that may have formed. Be sure to replace any insulation impacted by moisture.

Rust Weakens a Structure
Steel buildings are known for their durable strength and economic price point. Ignoring the beginning of corrosion can lead to a weakening of the overall structure. By encouraging proper airflow through the addition of ventilation accessories and the like, you can prevent moisture buildup and keep your building in top shape. If it’s to the point the structure is compromised, sections of the building may need to be replaced in order for it to get back to its original level of strength and durability.

The easiest way to tackle rust prevention is to take strategic steps from the very start. Purchase quality metal building accessories that are made of rust-resistant material or coated to prevent rust from forming, for instance. If you have questions about best practices for your metal building or want further information on high-quality products to optimize your metal structure, contact us! Our team of metal building ventilation experts would love to speak with you.