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Airflow: 101 — What is Cross Ventilation?

At Metallic Products, we believe in getting back to airflow basics from time to time and focusing on general concepts, such as cross ventilation. After all, a little knowledge is a good thing. The more people know about ventilation’s ins and outs, the more they understand about how their louvers, ventilators and other metal building accessories work. So, what exactly is cross ventilation? We’re glad you asked! Our crew is here to fill you in.

Cross Ventilation Basics
A Handy Cross Ventilation Tool: The Metallic Products Turbine VentCross ventilation (or the wind effect, as many people call it) is the simple idea that you can cool a space by ushering fresh air in one side and warm air out another. The technique depends on help from natural wind, and uses wall louvers, windows and vents to achieve the desired effect. Not only can cross ventilation create a cooler environment, but it can also make for improved air quality, as it keeps air from becoming stagnant.

Potential Troubles Associated with Cross Ventilation
While cross ventilation can be a great way to cool an area naturally, there are certain things to take into consideration. This technique can allow foul odors, pollutants and even springtime pollen to make their way inside when conditions allow. Rainy weather can make it nearly impossible to keep windows open, while breezeless days also hinder the cooling process. It all boils down to determining the right tools for one’s particular building and ventilation needs.

Finding the Right Fit
As we mentioned above, there are a variety of tools people can use to incorporate cross ventilation into their everyday lives. Windows can work for those at home and in certain office buildings, but more sophisticated systems are likely necessary if you’re doing manufacturing work or handling industrial operations inside metal buildings. Knowing which ventilation tools you’ll need, however, can be easier said than done. Consult a professional you trust to make sure you have all your bases covered — and that you’re outfitting your space with the right accessories.

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