Metal Flashing


Protect Your Metal Buildings Against Moisture

Metal flashing ranks among those metal building accessories that provide tremendous benefits while often going overlooked. And there are a couple of reasons for this. Not only does it blend virtually seamlessly into a building’s exterior, but it carries out its work without making noise — and, in most instances, without ongoing maintenance or repairs. (In other words, out of sight, out of mind.) Curious to learn how something as seemingly simple as metal flashing can make a difference to your metal buildings? Read on to learn the ins and outs.

What is metal building flashing?

Put simply, metal building flashing is a waterproof material installed on a structure’s exterior in order to keep unwanted moisture outside where it belongs. It features strategic angles that redirect rainwater and other condensation away from vulnerable areas, into spaces such as gutters. You’ll most likely find metal flashing around building vents, windows, doorways, building joints and other areas where moisture seepage could become an issue.  

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That moisture buildup mentioned up above? It can really wreak havoc on a structure — and the folks who work inside it, too. For instance, it can lead to mold and mildew that don’t just impact the overall look, but create unpleasant smells — and adversely affect folks who suffer from allergies. Rust, another issue associated with unwanted moisture, can also lead to corrosion, weakness and even property devaluation. Of course, that moisture can also lead to heightened indoor humidity levels that create an uncomfortable environment for all.

Finding the Right Metal Building Flashing for Your Structures

As with any metal building accessory, there are a number of options out there. Determining which metal flashing will offer the best protection and aesthetic benefits to your buildings hinges on taking a close look at the building itself. (And it boils down to two main considerations.)


Your Metal Buildings’ Wall & Roof Panels: Metal flashing is meant to provide protection against moisture and other outdoor elements. As such, its shape must conform to the specific panels that make up your metal buildings. Take note of whether your buildings feature R-panels (with ribs that stand at varying heights) or M-panels (with ribs at a uniform height throughout). At Metallic Products, we offer metal building flashing that suit both.


The Overall Aesthetic of Your Metal Building: Looks might not be everything, but they certainly don’t hurt. When selecting the right metal building flashing for your structures, you’ll want to opt for something that blends in well with its surroundings. Most metal building accessory providers offer a range of color and finish options to suit your preferences and style.


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