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Condensation Control to Improve Metal Building Ventilation & Sustainability

On the surface, condensation may seem like a harmless and unavoidable result of indoor and outdoor temperature difference – harmless to your building ventilation. However, factors like high humidity levels and irregular air pressure can also contribute to condensation — at the detriment of workplace safety within your metal building. According to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), “condensation can occur on any surface within the building … that is at or below the dew point temperature of the ambient air within the structure” and often results in “stains, rust, mildew on walls or ceilings, delaminating surfaces, and damp insulation.” For this reason, temperature and humidity regulation, as well as proper exhaust and ventilation within a metal building, are crucial to structure sustainability. Metallic Products Ventilators Provide Condensation Control and Other Metal Building Benefits

Whether visible or concealed condensation, moisture that gathers in wall and roof systems can cause corrosion and decrease the ability to regulate temperature effectively within a metal building. MBMA notes that “allowances must be made for air to enter and exit the building, and the airflow must be evenly distributed throughout the building. Typical methods for moving air include exhaust and supply fans, ridge ventilators and louvers. Letting the outside air into the building and controlling the exhaust of warm moist air out of the building is one effective way to reduce condensation and is an essential part of the building HVAC design that should not be skipped.”

While specific system requirements vary depending on the climate/environment of a metal building’s location, it’s important to take a proactive approach to monitoring air humidity and condensation levels inside every structure to insure its sustainability and longevity. Questions about metal building condensation control? Contact Metallic Products to learn more about ventilation products that give you work that flows.