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Don’t Let Cold Weather Stop Your Flow | Winterproof Your Metal Building

Cold months bring challenges when it comes to ventilation, humidity control and watertight external access points, and it pays to winterproof your metal building. After all, even though metal buildings are immune to many challenges facing traditional structures, freezing conditions and internal condensation can still pose a threat.

Winter-Proof Your Metal Buildings with Metallic Products Show and Ice ShieldsIn the thick of winter, you will probably run the building’s central heating system to regulate temperature. If improperly ventilated, this could result in gathering condensation as heated air rises and comes in contact with the cool surface of the roof. When enough condensation collects, it will begin to pool and drip, causing at best a minor annoyance and at worst a hazard for mold.

Another potential problem is the elimination of exhaust fumes generated by the central heating system. To avoid contamination of indoor air, these fumes must exit the building. A properly ventilated HVAC system and attic take care of both condensation and exhaust release by ensuring adequate airflow and regulating humidity.

Finally, clearing snow and ice from the roof of your building will help avoid corrosion, rust and weather-related leaks. The longer ice and snow are allowed to sit melting on the roof, the greater the chances are of causing damage to the structure.

Metallic Products has what you need to help winterproof your metal building:

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