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How to Prep Your Steel Buildings Now That Summer’s Coming

A yellow sun shining over hills in a blog post covering preparing steel buildings for summerAre your steel buildings ready for summer? With that spring pollen in the air, not to mention the climbing temperatures, there’s no denying the season is just around the corner. But it’s not time to celebrate just yet. There are a few steps you can (and should) take to ensure your steel buildings are prepared for the coming season. (After all, companies often talk about the importance of winterizing your metal buildings. Why not summerizing?) Here, we’ve laid out a few simple steps you can take to keep your steel buildings in better shape as the summer season approaches.

Review Your Ventilation System and Accessories
A well-planned ventilation system is the best way to create an interior environment that’s both safe and healthy. But in order for that to happen, the various elements must be working as they should. Take a moment to look over your louvers, wall fans, ridge vents and the like, and address any issues you see. Repair or replace broken screens. Make note of mechanical issues that might require attention. Check to see if your dampers are functioning as they should. Remember, ventilation is the way your steel buildings breathe. When your structures have no way to usher out stale air, fumes and moisture — and replace them with fresh, clean air — it leads to trouble. Not only will you likely experience uncomfortable indoor spaces, but you could wind up with damage to your steel buildings themselves. Overly humid conditions can lead to issues such as mold and rust, damaged insulation and more.

Evaluate Your HVAC Systems
The worst moment to realize something’s wrong with your HVAC system is midway through the season’s first 100-degree day. Take time now, while conditions are cooler, to get the lay of the land. Is your A/C system cooling your spaces to the temperature you’ve set it to? Is the system making ominous sounds, or kicking off and on at odd times? Do conditions still feel warm and stuffy, even after the system’s been running? Have the system evaluated by a service company you trust. Your technician can check for needed fixes, make sure freon levels and coils are in adequate shape and help you assess the overall situation. As we like to say, a bit of preventative maintenance now can ward off costly repair bills (and major headaches) down the line.

Consider Power-Free Ways to Help Your Buildings Keep Their Cool
It can be easy to get so caught up in the big stuff (your costly A/C systems, for instance) that you overlook simple ways to maintain an optimal environment in and around your steel buildings. Incorporating cross ventilation into your structure either with help from easy-to-install louvers or vents, or by simply opening windows, can make a tremendous difference. Proper window coverings can help keep heat out when the sun is at its peak, and they look good while doing it, too. Adding shaded outdoor areas by way of personnel door canopies can give guests and employees a comfortable place to gather outdoors, and can add to your building’s look. By positioning canopies above your air conditioning units, you can also protect your HVAC system as a whole and keep energy costs in line. In fact, Metallic Products Owner and President Travis Wendt discussed this very issue with the team at Metal Architecture.

Summer will be here before you know it, and it’s important to make sure your steel buildings are adequately prepared. Luckily, that prep work is fairly simple. If you have questions about any of the above, or if you’re interested in learning more about how Metallic Products can help with your metal building projects, please contact our team. We’re here, and we’re always glad to help.