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The Snow and Ice Shield: Metal Building Protection in Wintry Weather

As temperatures drop and people everywhere prepare for frigid conditions, consider one of your building’s top tools of the season: The snow and ice shield. Unlike the gloves, shovels and snow blowers you likely stock up on as winter approaches, ice shield canopies do the heavy lifting for you. In other words, they protect your metal buildings while you continue on with your day-to-day activities. What is an ice shield canopy, and why is it such an important addition to your metal building? We’re glad you asked. The Metallic Products team has pulled together some information to help explain the ins and outs of this specialized gable canopy.

Metallic Products Snow and Ice Shield

As you most likely have gathered, a snow and ice shield provides protection against seasonal snow, ice and their associated moisture. Traditionally located above doors, snow and ice shields feature angles that divert the things Mother Nature throws at them, moving them down and away from the doorway.

When winter weather is at its worst, heavy snow and ice loads can do a number on a roof. Your ice shield protects against dangerous ice shear and serves as an added layer of protection against damage that eats into your team’s production time — and leads to costly repairs. Metallic Products ice shield canopies, for instance, are rated up to 65 psf snow/live load, and 67 psf wind uplift, depending on the size of the gable canopy. A quality ice shield canopy will help protect against structural damage, and even driven wind that blows in at extreme angles.

For more information on Metallic Products ice shield canopies, including their construction and available finishes, view our Ice Shield Canopy Spec Sheet. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us with any additional questions. Our team is glad to help!