Keep People & Steel Buildings Better Protected in Cold Conditions

Snow guards can take on a range of appearances, depending on their setting and the company producing them. For some, they’re horizontal rod-like structures that lay across metal roofing panels. For others, they’re small, seemingly decorative bits that adhere to metal roofs. In the case of our company, they’re gabled ice shield canopies (also known as eyebrow canopies) installed above doorways. Whatever shape a snow guard takes on, its goal is simple: to protect a metal building and the people who frequent it from built-up snow and ice. Read on for some key insight regarding why you need a snow guard, and how to find the right one.

Find the Right Snow Guards for Your Situation

While there is a wide range of snow guard options available for the choosing, it ultimately boils down to the type of protection that works best for your structures — and any personal preference that comes into play.

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  • We recommend installing a gable canopy variety above any doorways, to protect people entering and exiting against falling snow and ice — and to keep moisture safely outside where it belongs.
  • For areas away from doorways, such as along the side of your structure, both varieties mentioned earlier (rod-like and round, decorative snow guards) can likely serve you well. We suggest working directly with your metal building accessory provider to ensure you have the right quantity — and more importantly, the proper quality — tools for the job.
  • As with any metal building accessory, your snow guard should look good on your structure. Most companies out there offer a range of colors and finishes to suit your individual preferences. With Metallic Products’ ice shield canopies, for instance, you can find powder-coated options in a range of standard colors, and custom color matching, too.

Understand the Important Role Snow Guards Play

Snow guards can often feel like yet another metal building accessory you just don’t need. In truth, however, these tools rank among the most important elements of a structure. Here are just a few of the benefits they bring to your property and people:


Protection Against Eave Ice Shear: It’s a good thing when snow and ice make its way off a building. It’s less good when all that snow and ice decides to do so at the same time. The latter can result in injuries to people entering or exiting the structure, and costly damage to gutters, the structure itself and nearby objects. Snow guards encourage frozen material to dislodge itself naturally before it becomes an issue.


Protection Against Metal Roof Cave-Ins: Accumulated snow and ice have a tendency to result in ice dams, or barriers that keep moisture from draining off the roof as it should. And snow and ice are heavy stuff. When winter storms lead to extreme accumulation, the added weight can be too much for a metal building roof panel to take. Properly placed snow guards will ensure snow and ice melt away, and that the moisture is directed someplace that makes sense.


Protection Against Moisture’s Damaging Effects: It’s no secret that moisture can spell big trouble for a steel building. From rust buildup and mold growth, to damaged insulation and interior conditions that are both uncomfortable and unhealthy, it’s amazing the impact a bit of water can have. Your snow guard is designed to usher melted material away from areas such as vulnerable building joints, toward downspouts and other safe spots. 

Put Your Snow Guards Through Periodic Maintenance Checks

Whatever snow guard you select for your building, you’ll want to keep it working its best. Luckily, these tools of the trade don’t require much maintenance. Make it a point to give your entire structure the once-over at least a couple of times a year, keeping an eye out specifically for water leaks, dents and damage that could lead to problems in rainy or snowy weather. If you do spot an issue, rectify it as soon as you can. Small repairs and replacements aren’t much fun, but they’re a lot more affordable than those you allow to accumulate.



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