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The Big Benefits Knockdown (or Flat Pack) Options Offer

knockdown shippingKnockdown shipping, better known in the consumer world as “flat pack” shipping, has become an increasingly popular way of getting products from Point A to Point B. From household furniture, to our very own metal building accessories, companies of all types are opting to send unassembled products out with the idea that the recipient will assemble them upon delivery. (And as it turns out, there are some pretty good reasons this trend is as popular as it is.) At Metallic Products, we’re big on keeping you in the loop on industry trends and ways to operate more efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn how knockdown shipping can save you time and money in the long run.

Knockdown Shipping Helps You Make the Most of Freight Costs
When it comes to operating a successful business, it’s important to make sure the dollars you’re spending make sense. And a big aspect of that? Shipping costs, which tend to add up quickly. Knockdown shipping options virtually double what you can fit into the back of a truck, making those freight costs go a lot (lot) further.

Flat Pack Options Help Keep Delays at Bay
If you haven’t heard the news of supply chain disruptions, you haven’t been paying attention. Headlines everywhere offer warnings of delayed cargo ships, up-in-the-air delivery schedules and the need to order products well in advance. Although our lead time at Metallic Products averages five to seven working days, there are certain aspects of the delivery process that sit outside any company’s control. Flat pack shipping makes it easy to order a bit more product to have at the ready, so when your next job rolls in, you’re prepared.

Knockdown options do require a bit of added elbow grease on your team’s end, but with the many benefits they offer, we think they’re well worth it. (And for our part, we try to make the process easy with written assembly instructions and, in certain instances, install videos, too!) If you’re interested in learning more about knockdown options for Metallic Products’ vents— or about the flat pack approach in general — feel free to contact our team. We’re always glad to help!