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3 Weaknesses That Could Spell Trouble for Your Eyebrow Canopy

eyebrow canopy signageWhether you know it as an eyebrow canopy, a gable canopy or, as we like to refer to it around here, the ice shield canopy, there’s no denying it’s a pretty crucial addition to many a metal building. (Especially in areas regularly hit hard by frigid winter weather.) The eyebrow canopy is a gabled structure housed above your doorways, and its key role is to keep snow and ice buildup from accumulating in ways that pose a threat to your structure and people. Of course, simply having the product in place isn’t enough to ward off trouble. You have to make sure the product you’re buying is built well, installed correctly — and that damage doesn’t cause problems down the line. We’ve pulled together information on three crucial areas trouble is likely to lurk with your eyebrow canopies. Read up, get informed and keep your steel buildings better protected.

Weakness 1: Subpar Seals That Allow Moisture in
Unwanted moisture inside your metal buildings can lead to a wide range of issues, from soggy insulation, to allergy-inducing mold and mildew — and costly repair and replacement bills to get things back up to par. A quality eyebrow canopy will feature a structural plate that fits securely against your metal building, creating a moisture barrier that keeps your building high and dry. At Metallic Products, for instance, our ice shield canopy is made of fabricated 10-gauge steel.

Weakness 2: Flimsy Builds That Can’t Stand Withstand Wind
No two geographic regions experience the exact same conditions, but windy weather can (and will) happen just about anywhere. You should always make sure your structure’s canopies can hold their own. When researching the eyebrow canopy that makes the most sense for your structure, ask about any testing that went into the product — and exactly what conditions they should be able to withstand. Ours, for instance, undergo third-party wind uplift testing, and have been shown to withstand winds up to 135 psf, depending on the specific canopy size. (In other words? Bring on those breezes.)

Weakness 3: Sizing That Doesn’t Make Sense
Size matters when it comes to your metal building accessories. In terms of your eyebrow canopies, incorrect dimensions can mean the difference between keeping people safe and sound when wintry weather moves in, or leaving them at risk of falling ice and snow that can do real harm. You’ll want to make sure your ice shield canopy is big enough to provide adequate protection at its specific entryway, and that its slope directs moisture, snow and ice someplace safe. Of course, aesthetics are important, too. Your canopies should also fit with your overall look. Your metal building accessory provider should be able to help on all fronts.

No product is 100% perfect, but understanding where potential weaknesses lie can help you keep costly trouble at bay. Have questions on any of the above? Curious to learn a little more about our gabled ice shield canopies? Contact our crew today! We’re here, and we’re always glad to help.