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Why Wind Uplift Tests Matter for Your Metal Building Accessories

Wind uplift tests are among those things that people who own or work with metal buildings know are important — but don’t necessarily think about very often. The truth is, opting for metal building accessories that don’t pass wind uplift tests could put your property and people at risk, should Mother Nature throw a curveball. So, what is wind uplift (and why should you make sure your metal building accessories have passed tests?) The Metallic Products team is glad to fill you in.Wind uplift tests matter for your metal building accessories

Wind uplift occurs when a large gust of wind hits the side of a structure, creating pressure that pushes air up. In extreme scenarios, that pressure can cause roofing to separate from the rest of the building, or result in damage to the structure’s metal building accessories. That’s where testing comes into play.

Wind uplift tests are in-depth evaluations carried out by engineering firms to determine exactly how a structure or its accessories would fare in the event of an extreme wind event — and to make sure the elements meet standards set forth by existing building codes. Wind uplift testing is more than a numbers game, as these companies use a controlled environment to subject materials and metal building accessories to pressure situations they might actually experience during a storm. The idea is to push the test subjects beyond their breaking points to determine just how much they can withstand.

Travis Wendt, our company’s president, described the importance of such tests in a recent Metal Construction News article:

“As building code standards continue to become more and more strict, it is important for the building’s accessories to meet the same high standards as the building itself. It’s also important for contractors and builders to determine whether the design pressures of the accessories will meet or exceed the required design pressures of the project.”

At Metallic Products, our team is always working to make sure our metal building accessories serve clients’ needs — and that they have the ability to weather a storm safely. We recently released new engineering and design pressure data for our large throat ridge vents, and you’ll find wind uplift information on our applicable product spec sheets. Of course, if you have questions on any of this, or want to see whether our metal building accessories are right for your next job, you are always welcome to contact us. We’re glad to help!