Industrial Wall Vents


Create Safer, Healthier Spaces for Workers

Wall vents are something of an unsung hero in commercial and industrial spaces. Not only do they help rid metal buildings of stale air, unwanted fumes and similar concerns, but they can help upgrade a building’s overall aesthetic, too. Curious to learn more about the benefits wall vents offer your spaces? We thought you’d never ask. Read on for some insight from the Metallic Products team.

A Quick Overview:
What the Wall Vent is

The wall vent (or, as it’s better known in our industry, the wall louver) is fairly simple in design. These metal building accessories feature horizontal blades set at an angle and are designed to allow fresh air in, usher stale air, heat and fumes out — and to keep unwanted moisture, bugs and the like outside where they belong, too. Although a range of wall vent options are available to suit your unique space, building functions and aesthetic, the overall goal is to improve airflow and keep environments inside your metal buildings healthy and comfortable.

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Wall Vent 4-1-1: Understanding Your Options

As we mentioned above, there are several types of wall vents — or wall louvers — available to you. And, although each is designed to serve your metal buildings’ ventilation needs, certain types of louvers tend to make more sense, depending on your building and needs. Here is a quick rundown:


Fixed Louvers: Featuring immovable blades that stay in place, fixed louvers allow for easy airflow while also keeping annoyances such as dirt, bugs and moisture safely outside. This option is ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas of your metal buildings.


Adjustable Louvers: This wall vent option is designed with blades you can easily open, close and adjust to suit production and manufacturing conditions, as well as outdoor weather scenarios. Adjustable louvers provide the same airflow advantages as their fixed counterparts, but put a bit more power in your hands. They are ideal for use in areas you can easily access when adjustments are needed.


Architectural Louvers: With fixed blades and unique shapes, architectural louvers don’t just offer improved airflow — they upgrade your metal building’s look, as well.


The wall louver is a go-to ventilation option for all sorts of folks and companies with steel buildings — and there’s a good reason for that. Here are a few of the top benefits these metal building accessories have to offer:

  • They Keep Air Moving: Wall vents push stale air, heat and fumes out, and usher fresh air in — all without the complicated wiring, piping and similar planning that go along with HVAC systems. Although you will want to consult a ventilation expert to ensure you have the right types of louvers in place — and in the right areas of your building — you’re otherwise good to go once they’re installed!
  • They Keep Maintenance at a Minimum: Once your wall louver has been properly installed, the work is more or less done on your end! Of course, those with adjustable louvers will want to make sure the blades are positioned accordingly when on-site production ramps up or bad weather moves in. And, as with any other metal building accessory, regular evaluations to check for issues such as blocked openings also help keep things running smoothly. In general, however, the fact that your louvers have few — if any — movable parts means your likelihood of experiencing issues is virtually next to none.
  • They Keep Your Bottom Line Healthy: Fewer moving parts mean fewer troubles — and fewer troubles means less money out of pocket for repairs and replacements. For the most part, your only costs are those associated with purchasing the wall vent itself — and getting it installed. (And who doesn’t love that?)



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