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Steel Technology Trends: What’s on the Horizon

steel technologySteel buildings have been around for decades, and new innovations in steel technology may soon set the industry in entirely new directions. Steel is valued for its strength and versatility, and it can be used many times over without losing strength. That long-lasting durability, combined with new 3D technologies and improved carbon management, could make steel the go-to roofing and building material in the future. (Yes, even more than it already is!) Read on for a look at these exciting steel technology trends.

3D-Printed Steel
3D printing has taken the construction industry by storm. From concrete, to plastics, 3D printers can now produce building materials from a variety of raw products. (And steel is no exception.) 3D-printed steel could soon be the norm for large-scale projects. In fact, the world’s first 3D-printed steel bridge just opened in Amsterdam after four years of development. As the process becomes more streamlined, more projects could be on the horizon.

The 3D process calls for steel to be heated to 2,732 degrees Fahrenheit. Thin steel layers are then shaped by four welding robots that complete the laying process. This technology could open us up to a new world of customizability and safety for steel structures.

Green Steel
Another steel technology gaining popularity is green steel. Yes, steel is infinitely recyclable, but the “green” in this new product goes beyond reclaiming and reusing building materials. Steel production produces 1.85 tons of carbon byproduct for every ton of steel produced from scratch. More than 70% of steel is recycled, but that’s still a massive carbon footprint.

Swedish scientists are working on solving the carbon problem by creating carbon-free steel. This lower-emission steel will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of steel production and could make a dent in the planet’s greenhouse gas emission levels.

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