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Your Steel Building Ventilation Accessories Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Torso of a man sitting at a wooden table, drawing out building plans in a blog post covering the importance of plannning ahead for steel building ventilationSteel building ventilation accessories play an important role in creating healthy, comfortable environments inside your structures. Even so, with the many (many) moving parts that go into every construction project, they often get placed on the back burner. At Metallic Products, we’re big believers in factoring metal building accessories into your overall building envelope from the very beginning. Read on to learn how doing so can help keep your projects on track and within budget — and lead to a building better suited for its end user.

Early Planning Keeps Metal Building Construction on Schedule
Few things are as frustrating as having to pause a project that’s well underway all because you forgot to factor an important element into your plans. We regularly receive emergency calls from companies requesting ridge vents, or realizing they never added wall louvers into their design. Although we’re glad to help and promise to execute orders as quickly as possible, every metal building accessory order comes with some lead time. (For us, that lead time averages five to seven working days.) Factor in shipping delays so many companies are contending with, and that oversight could create quite the holdup for your project.

Thinking Through Steel Building Ventilation Accessories Early on Can Save You Money
Budget considerations are a big deal for virtually every metal building project. Putting off your accessories order until the last minute can cause costs to creep up in a number of ways. On one hand, it can mean having to approach your client and report their project will cost more than originally quoted, since you need to incorporate more elements into the build. (And that can lead to tenuous business relationships.) At the same time, last-minute requests can result in rush charges on your accessories manufacturer’s end as they work to bump your work ahead of other clients’.

Properly Planned Accessories Orders Make for Happier Buildings
While it’s possible (and fairly simple) to incorporate certain metal building accessories into your structures once they’ve gone up, it isn’t ideal. Why? Because then installers must find a way to get the various elements in there while beams, wires and other elements are already in place. That often makes for more time-consuming installs. In addition, it can mean incorporating those accessories into areas where they’ll fit — not where they’ll provide the best ventilation benefits. By thinking through such needs before the actual build begins, you can create a ventilation system that carries out its work to the best of its ability, and extends the lifespan of your structure, too.

If you have questions on anything you’ve read here, or if you’re interested in learning how the Metallic Products team can assist with your next metal building project, feel free to reach out. Our pros are here to help, and we’d love to hear from you.