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Open Communication During Construction Projects

Open communication matters on the job site, but it’s something that most people simply don’t think about. After all, between maintaining work schedules, making sure parts and materials are where they need to be and that you have the overall project scope figured out, there’s a lot going on. It’s easy for such issues to take a back burner to the day-to-day details.

The truth is, however, when communication is better, it helps ensure every other aspect of a project runs more smoothly, too. Here are a few ways to help encourage better communication with crew members and clients, too.

Communicate Your Timeline
One of the most important factors of any construction project is the timeframe. Have a detailed timeline mapped out for all major phases and milestones, and let both your team and the end user in on it. Doing so helps you measure progress throughout the project and takes some of the guesswork out of the big picture. If there are any lingering uncertainties, such as chosen finishes or design elements, this stage is the perfect time to get things hashed out.

Communicate Costs
Money-related issues might be uncomfortable to discuss, but such talks are necessary before any construction work starts. Make sure your customer has clearly conveyed their overall budget and that that the metal building design fits those parameters. If possible, ease the customer’s mind by breaking down prices so they can see exactly where their money is going.

Communicate the Variables
All projects will need wiggle room for the unexpected, such as bad weather, shipment delays or staffing issues. For this reason, there should be some contingencies built into the schedule. Let customers know you’ll do your absolute best to meet every deadline and budget, and that you’ll keep them in the loop, should something come up. We call this managing the expectations. Keep key contacts saved in your phone and make yourself available to take or make a spontaneous phone call when necessary.

Everyone involved in your construction project benefits from working together and staying in contact. If you have questions on any of the above information, or if you’d like information regarding what accessories are best for your metal building, feel free to contact Metallic Products! Our dedicated team is ready to answer any questions.