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Add the Finishing Touch with Metallic Products' Metal Building Trim


Provide your steel buildings with an eye-pleasing finishing touch — and keep them better protected against the elements — with metal building trim from Metallic Products. Installed around doors, windows and other areas with exposed seams, trim fortifies weak areas on your structures, protects against wind damage and also keeps uncomfortable drafts from making their way in. In addition, gutters and downspouts, which are also categorized as metal building trim, help you sidestep moisture damage by directing water down and away from your structure.

Metallic Products' metal building trim is made of durable 26-gauge steel and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your structure. Meanwhile, with a number of color and finish options, you can rest assured your trim will blend well with your overall aesthetic.

standard building trim

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About Metallic Products’ Metal Building Trims

Standard Features

  • Available in running lengths up to 20′
  • Constructed of 26-gauge material
  • Available in Galvalume, Polar White or standard colors options available
  • Boxed for shipment

standard TriM Items

  • Box Gutter
  • Sculpted Gutter
  • Box Rake Trim
  • Sculptured Rake Trim
  • Peak Boxes
  • Corner Boxes
  • Downspout (straight)
  • Downspout (with kickout)
  • Downspout Outlet
  • Downspout Elbow
  • Downspout Offset
  • Sculptured Eave Trim
  • High Side Eave Trim
  • Simple Eave Trim
  • Corner Trim “R” Panel
  • Corner Trim “U” Panel
  • Inside Corner “R” Panel
  • Inside Corner “U” Panel
  • Jamb Trim
  • Head Trim
  • Sill Trim
  • Drip Trim
  • Cap Trim
  • Starter Trim “A” Panel
  • Transition Trim
  • Ridge Cap
  • Soffit/Valley Flashing
  • Valley Flashing

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