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Hurricane-Proof: Building Accessories That Stand Up to Mother Nature

FloriDa Approved Products


There may be no such thing as a 100% hurricane-proof building, but our Florida approved products help. The Florida Building Commission approved 12 Metallic Products ventilator and louver products for use by the state's construction industry. These products are enhanced versions of our standard line and, as with all of our products, are specifically designed for use in metal building construction. That approval encompasses the entire state of Florida, with the exception of Dade and Broward counties.

How did we obtain Florida approval? Our team worked closely with outside testing facilities, third-party evaluators and validators to develop products that met the state's stringent hurricane building codes. Those products underwent extensive wind uplift and large missile-impact testing. Today, our company undergoes annual audits during which an outside agency analyzes our quality assurance manual and manufacturing procedures to ensure the products can stand up in extreme weather conditions.


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Florida Approved Ventilation Products Include:

Continuous Ridge Ventilators

Product DescriptionSub Framing AttachmentSkirt/Flange TypeFlorida Approval Number
9" x 10' Ridge Ventilator24-gauge-SteelFlat12805.1
9" x 10' Ridge Ventilator16-gauge-SteelFlat12805.3
9" x 10' Ridge Ventilator24-gauge-SteelDie Formed12805.6
9" x 10' Ridge Ventilator16-gauge-SteelDie Formed12805.8
12" x 10' Ridge Ventilator24-gauge-SteelFlat12805.2
12" x 10' Ridge Ventilator16-gauge-SteelFlat12805.4
12" x 10' Ridge Ventilator24-gauge-SteelDie Formed12805.7
12" x 10' Ridge Ventilator16-gauge-SteelDie Formed12805.9

Low Profile Ridge Ventilators

Product DescriptionSub Framing AttachmentSkirt/Flange TypeFlorida Approval Number
Low Profile Ridge Ventilator16-gauge-SteelFlat12805.5
Low Profile Ridge Ventilator16-gauge-SteelDie Formed12805.10

Fixed and Adjustable Wall Louvers

Product DescriptionSub Framing AttachmentSkirt/Flange TypeFlorida Approval Number
Fixed Blade Louver14-gauge-SteelFlat12256.1
Center-pivot Adjustable Louver14-gauge-SteelFlat12256.2

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