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side view of ice shield


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Protect your metal building from the damaging effects of snow, ice and driven rain — and safeguard your people against dangerous eave ice shear — with help from Metallic Products' ice shield canopies. Installed above doorways, these gable canopies are constructed of sturdy fabricated 10-gauge structural plate, and are engineered to usher heavy snow and ice loads safely away from roofs.

Metallic Products' ice shield canopies offer long-term protection for your metal buildings, helping you sidestep costly roof damage related to accumulated ice and snow. Meanwhile, a solid seal keeps moisture safely outside where it belongs, helping to ward off mold, mildew and related issues which can wreak havoc on your metal building and budget.

With a number of custom colors and finish options, and both single- and double-door varieties available, there's an ideal ice shield canopy for every structure and aesthetic.

Interested in additional canopy options? We offer lighted canopies and traditional personnel door canopies, too.

About Our Ice Shield Canopy

Design Specifications 
(Design loads based on minimum 16-gauge sub-framing)

5′6″ x 3′0″

  • 121 psf snow/live load
  • 135 psf wind uplift

5′6″ x 4′0″

  • 64 psf snow/live load
  • 67 psf wind uplift

7′6″ x 3′0″

  • 72 psf snow/live load
  • 106 psf wind uplift

7′6″ x 4′0″

  • 45 psf snow/live load
  • 49 psf wind uplift



Fabricated 10-Gauge structural plate. All welded construction.


Available in single or double door sizes. Nominal 5'-6" x 3'-0", 5'-6" x 4'-0",
7'-6" x 3'-0" and 7'-6" x 4'-0".



  • G-90 galvanized
  • Powdercoated standard metal building colors
  • Custom color matching