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Why Retrofits Have Their Benefits

Lighted CanopyWhether you’re in the steel building business or have simply rolled up your sleeves on repair work at home, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “retrofits.” But were you clear on what they were? Put simply, retrofit options are a way to incorporate improvements into your existing metal building accessories, systems and the like, so they can work even better for you. An example? The ability to use a retrofit kit to transform your Metallic Products personnel door canopy into a lighted canopy. When all is said and done, retrofits carry some big benefits. Here are a few of our favorites.

Retrofits Offer: Cost Savings
Because retrofit kits allow you to upgrade what you already have, rather than purchasing an entirely new item, your out-of-pocket expenses are markedly lower. Of course, certain costs — such as the kit itself and, if applicable, shipping and installation — will come into play. But the same is true when purchasing new items.

Retrofits Offer: Less Disruption to Your Day-to-Day
Much of the legwork is already done when it comes to the installation of your retrofit kits. After all, the location’s been selected, the holes have been drilled and elements are largely in place. While, depending on your specific retrofit, new wiring and similar adjustments might enter the mix, installation tends to be quick and easy. And less interruption? That’s always a good thing.

Retrofits Offer: The Dependability of a Known Product
There’s nothing worse than deciding it’s time to replace a product you’ve used — and liked — for a while, only to find that the replacement is subpar. In the case of a retrofit, you’re merely adding onto something you’re already familiar with. Talk about peace of mind!


This is just the beginning when it comes to the benefits retrofits have to offer. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re interested in learning about our ventilation accessories, feel free to reach out. The Metallic Products team is here to help.