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Roof Curbs


Keep your metal building roof accessories safely in place — and create a level foundation that helps avoid unnecessary equipment wear and damage — with roof curbs from Metallic Products. Watertight builds keep moisture outside where it belongs, protecting your structure against mold, mildew and related issues. Meanwhile, with a wide range of color and finish options available, your roof curb will blend seamlessly with your steel building's overall look.

Metallic Products' roof curbs feature integral flanges which work with any metal roof panel, and are made to match specified roof pitches — both single-slope and ridge mounted. Included crickets divert water around the curb, while optional foil scrim kraft (FSK) faced rigid board insulation offers additional thermal protection. The roof curb is a low-maintenance tool of the trade that keeps moisture at bay and helps keep your metal buildings standing strong for years to come.

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About the Metallic Products Roof Curb


Rugged, 16-gauge Galvalume steel construction. Corners are mitered and welded watertight using a siliconized bronze wire for a long-lasting and non-corrosive finish. Welds are finished with a protective zinc primer. FSK faced rigid board insulation is optional.


Curbs are made to match any roof slope and can be either ridge or single slope mounted. Curb corrugations match virtually any available roof configuration and can be factory welded into curb skirts or shipped loose for field installation.

Curbs can also be constructed utilizing a two-piece design with a separate under-panel diverter to achieve shingling effect without the need to cut into roof panels.


Painted to match most metal buildings after fabrication.

NOTE: When ordering, please indicate size, roof panel type, if insulated, if painted, and roof slope.

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