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Protect Against Moisture with Die Formed Flashing

die formed flashing

Safeguard your metal buildings against mold, insulation damage and other harmful effects of moisture infiltration with die formed flashing from Metallic Products. Designed for use around windows, vents, joints and other areas prone to leaks, flashing's angles direct moisture toward safe spots such as gutters and downspouts.

Metallic Products' die formed flashing is available for both "R" and "M/U" panel profiles, and comes in a range of color and finish options to suit your structure's look. With a number of custom applications available — ventilator skirt flashing, roof-to-wall flashing, wall-to-roof transition flashing and high-side eave flashing, too — it's a simple, inexpensive solution for your metal buildings.

die formed flashing

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About Metallics Products' Die Formed Flashing

Standard Features

  • 10′ coverage
  • “R” Panel and “M” Panel Profiles
  • Galvalume, Polar White or standard colors options available


  • Wall-to-Roof Transition Flashing
  • Ventilator Skirt Flashing
  • Roof-to-Wall Flashing
  • High-Side Eave Flashing

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