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Metal Building Design That Reflects Your Business’ Style

When you think about metal building design, do you consider style and curb appeal? If you’re like many others out there, probably not. Although most people put function before form when it comes to their metal buildings, the truth is, these versatile structures have adequate room for both. By making a few simple customizations — the addition of metal building accessories and custom color, perhaps — it’s easy to add a personal touch that reflects your business’ style. Here are a few great upgrades to consider incorporating into your metal buildings.

Architectural Louvers
These metal building accessories offer fresh air intake and exhaust benefits — while also adding a nice aesthetic touch. Metallic Products’ architectural louvers are available in a variety of sizes and color options, for instance, with unique shapes to suit any structure.

You’ll find these dome-like structures sitting atop buildings of all shapes and sizes. Although modern-day cupolas mainly serve aesthetic purposes, they also let in natural light and can provide mild ventilation benefits. In every instance, however, a cupola incorporates character into your rooftops and helps create a finished look that’s sure to stand out.

Originally created to indicate which direction the wind was headed, today’s weathervanes tend to be viewed more in terms of design. You can find them in various sizes, colors and shapes — and they look great when installed on top of a cupola. In other words, weathervanes are a simple way to make a statement at the highest point of your metal building.

Another deceptively simple way to amp up your metal building’s look is to apply a quality paint job. Not only can paint (or powder coating, in the case of many metal building accessories) act as a protective seal coating to ward off rust, but it also provides a barrier against the elements. Customize the color to match your business’ brand, or to blend into the surroundings. This is one area where the opportunities really are endless.

There’s a whole list of reasons we think metal buildings are pretty great. And we love that, with the addition of a unique metal building accessory — or custom paint job — these structures can look great, too. If you have questions on any of this, or if you’re interested in learning more about what Metallic Products has to offer, feel free to contact us. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!