A Metal Building Canopy


Protects Your People and Property

A metal building canopy is deceptively simple in design and function. After all, who hasn’t sought refuge from the hot summer sun — or an expected rain shower — beneath the safety of a canopy? The truth is, a quality metal building canopy aids not only the people venturing in and out of the building, but also the structure itself. Read on to learn more about what various canopy styles have to offer, as well as ways to select the right one for your needs.

What Benefits Do Metal Building Canopies Have to Offer?

Of course, a building canopy’s benefits will vary, depending on the canopy and metal building in question. Here is a brief rundown.

  • Protection Against the Elements: A metal building canopy provides necessary cover for folks going to and from your space. Whether they’re waiting on a ride to pick them up — or waiting out a rainstorm so they can get to their car — that bit of coverage makes a world of difference. And happy team members and customers can mean a happier overall business.

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What Metal Building Canopy Options Are Out There?

Metallic Products technically offers three types of metal building canopies, although only two of those options are canopies in the traditional “awning” sense of the word. Let’s delve into the differences, similarities and uses for the personnel door canopy, lighted canopy and the ice shield canopy, too.


Personnel Door Canopies: The most “traditional” of the Metallic Products door canopy options, our personnel door canopies extend above doorways to keep those entering or exiting your metal building protected from rain, snow and other outdoor elements. These canopies are available in a range of sizes, colors and finishes, to suit your individual building’s aesthetic. They are also engineered to stand strong against extreme wind and snow loads. Retrofit kits are available for those who wish to upgrade their personnel door canopies into lighted versions.
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Lighted Canopies: A slightly enhanced version of our traditional personnel door canopy, the Metallic Products lighted canopy offers protection against the elements, while also increasing visibility around your company’s metal buildings. These canopies feature the same rain and snow load ratings, and are available in a range of sizes, colors and finishes to suit your building’s style. In addition, their LED lights are rated for 50,000+ hours of light.
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Ice Shield Canopies: Metallic Products’ third canopy variety, the ice shield canopy, is something a bit different. Ideal for areas that experience extreme winter weather, this gable canopy is all about protecting the metal building itself from the damaging effects of snow, ice and driven rain. Our ice shield canopies go above your doorways, and feature angles that move snow, ice and the like down and away from your structure. These gable canopies not only help keep damaging moisture outside where it belongs, but also protect against dangerous eave ice shear. They are available in a range of sizes, colors and finishes.
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What Considerations Should Come into Play with My Metal Building Canopies?

As with most metal building accessories, the right canopy will depend on your individual structure, location and needs. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Building Size and Style: Different building and doorway sizes (obviously) require different canopy sizes. Whenever possible, provide basic design information to your metal building accessory provider when discussing your options. Companies typically offer a range of sizes, and chances are the company will be willing to work with you to find the option that best suits both your space and budget.


Lighting Needs: Adequate lighting around your metal building can really improve safety. Even so, too much of a good thing can be … a bit of overkill. If freestanding lampposts and the like mean visibility isn’t an issue, there’s no reason to add additional lighting to the mix. (Of course, if you do change your mind after the fact, certain canopy designs do have retrofit options available.)


Climate: Do you live in an area that regularly experiences wintertime snow and ice? You should consider a canopy designed to protect against just that. A gabled canopy can move ice, snow and related moisture away from openings, thereby keeping your metal building protected. It can also help you sidestep dangerous eave ice shear.


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