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Protection Front and Center: Door Canopies Versus Ice Shields.

At first glance, door canopies and ice shields appear to have very similar purposes. Simply put, they are used for protection. Where the similarities end, however, is in the type of protection each can offer.
Metallic Products' metal building door canopies and ice shields
Personnel door canopies protect personnel from rain as they enter and exit a building, as well as protect from the wear and tear of the weather in general. By providing an extra front against the elements, the condition of a door can stand the test of time. Additionally, solar radiation through glass is responsible for 20% of the pressure on air conditioners. Properly sized and placed canopies can significantly decrease energy costs. Canopies can also be very aesthetically pleasing as accents to an otherwise unappealing wall or storefront.

For ice shield canopies, the basic benefits of protection are the same as a door canopy, but for shiver-prone people, the protection extends beyond the normal day-to-day. Ice shield canopies are fabricated from 10-gauge steel plate as opposed to the lighter gauge canopies. While both offer protection, steel-plated ice shields offer additional shelter from dangerous eave ice shear. Eave ice shear can occur when accumulated snow/ice slides down the roof to eave, sometimes building up at the gutter. This buildup can eventually turn loose due to snow buildup, snow melting at the roof panel, or the slight vibration of the wall when a door is slammed shut.

Deciding on which protective canopy or shield to use depends on where you live and what you’re looking for. Regardless though, we’ve literally got you covered. Our canopies are top of the line and come in custom sizes and finishes to meet your individual needs. Our ice shields come in single or double door sizes and can be G-90 galvanized upon request. Contact us today with any additional questions or concerns, and let the canopy and ice shield adVENTure begin!