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Air Quality Info to Keep in Mind This Clean Air Month

Air quality plays a crucial role in keeping an area healthy — both in the great outdoors and inside your office buildings. And, while Metallic Products advocates for air quality year-round, it seems especially pertinent at the moment. May is Clean Air Month, and now is a great time to set your sights not only on current conditions in and around your metal buildings, but on ways to create healthier spaces. Here are a few points to consider:

Efficiency Makes a Difference in Building Ventilation
One size does not fit all when it comes to metal building ventilation. In order to ensure your ventilation system is able to serve your building and people to the best of its ability, it must be the right fit. This Metallic Products checklist can help make sure your system is up to par.

Remember, Allergens Are More than a Mere Annoyance
No one enjoys contending with sniffles and scratchy throats, but allergies can have much deeper effects than that. Ranked among the nation’s leading causes of chronic illness, allergens can affect worker productivity in major ways — and lead to lifelong health issues. Our “Controlling Allergens in the Workplace” blog post offers tips to keep the issue under control inside your metal building.

Not Every Air Issue is Invisible to the Naked Eye
Mold, while less common inside metal buildings than in other structures, can still make an appearance under the right circumstances. And for team members who suffer from respiratory issues, that could lead to trouble. The good news is, a bit of vigilance can go a long way. We’ve written up a full blog post aimed at helping you spot signs of mold inside your metal building — and take steps to keep it from ever forming in the first place.

If you have questions about any of the above information, or if you’re searching for ways to help create healthier spaces inside your metal buildings, feel free to contact our team. Metallic Products would love to work with you!