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The Role Metal Building Ventilation Plays During Cooler Conditions

When many people consider the importance of proper ventilation, they may focus more on warm weather and the obvious benefits of summer heat being released naturally through a building ventilation system. But did you know that a properly engineered ventilation system is just as important for the cooler months?

Consider this. When the mercury dips during the winter, metal buildings can be subjected to condensation and other moisture issues. As noted by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), “when warm, moist air comes in contact with a cold surface, such as framing members, windows and other building accessories, it cools to the temperature below its dew point and condensation forms.”

The importance of building ventilation in colder weather

Water, frost or ice on the windows, doors or walls are common examples of visible condensation. Left unattended, condensation issues can lead to rust, deteriorated insulation and product damage, and even shorten the life of your building components. Proper ventilation is one of the best ways to control condensation. Among the methods for moving air cited by the MBMA are exhaust and supply fans, ridge ventilators and louvers.

Continuous ridge ventilators are often available in a wide range of throat sizes. They can also come with dampers to control the airflow. Gravity ventilators not only remove stale air, they also are effective at moving out air that may be contaminated by manufacturing or production processes. In an industrial building, that means cleaner air and more comfort, which is good news for your workers.

Weather resistant wall louvers, particularly those which are specifically designed for pre-engineered metal building wall panels, allow air to flow through while keeping moisture, snow and ice outdoors where they belong. Simply put, a well-designed metal building ventilation system works to ensure proper airflow, delivering benefits year-round.

 At Metallic Products, we love talking to our clients about their metal building ventilation needs and the best way to help them. If you have questions on keeping condensation and stale air out of your metal building, we invite you to contact us. We’re glad to help!