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Can Your Building Ventilation Products Withstand Hurricane Season?

Metal buildings are designed to withstand the severest weather – including storms during hurricane season – due to proper engineering and high-grade steel. However, the ventilation aspects of your metal building must also be able to resist high winds, not to mention rust.

To ensure the entirety of your structure is hurricane-proof, consMetallic Products' Florida Approved Products Stand Strong During Hurricane Seasonider these top tips:

Work with Reputable Manufacturers:
From walls to parts of your metal building, to ventilators and louvers for ventilation, the companies you choose to work with must have knowledge of materials that should be used depending on the elements your metal building will experience. If you’re in a storm-prone area, specific material standards should be met – and not just during hurricane season.

Use Material Certified by Your State or County:
Oftentimes, your state’s building commission will review and approve manufacturers’ products when they meet building standards and codes. Designed to improve safety and durability, building codes are enforced to ensure your metal building, as well as its ventilation products and other accessories, are up to par.

Metallic Products’ line of Florida Approved Products has withstood a battery of tests, and are specifically designed for use in metal building construction in storm-laden Florida. Learn more >>

Post-Storm Maintenance:
After a hurricane or bad storm passes, always complete necessary repairs and dry out your building immediately. The longer you wait to make fixes, the greater the issue can become. The same goes for moisture. If your building is compromised, leaks will damage your space and cause major problems like rust and mold.