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When Metal Buildings Meet Moisture: Warding Off Summertime Issues

For companies that carry out business in metal buildings, summertime’s hot — often muggy — conditions can lead to issues such as mold, mildew and uncomfortable work environments. With proper forethought and a willingness to make simple upgrades, however, operations can remain safe and comfortable all summer long. Metallic Products has pulled together a few tips that should help.Metallic Products Tips for Metal Buildings and Moisture

Check for adequate airflow.
Warm air holds on to moisture. When that air has no place to go, it increases humidity, leading to sticky, uncomfortable indoor conditions. Do a walk-through of your facility, checking to ensure not only that you have proper ventilation installed where needed, but that the ventilation is in proper working order. Clogged or covered vents, or those with broken components, won’t do you much good.

Search out signs of condensation.
Even if a building feels cool, it could be hiding other concerns. Inspect the premises for rust, corrosion, mildew and mold, which are all indicators that unwanted moisture has made its way in — and made itself at home. Once you take steps to determine the origin of the problem, schedule necessary fixes quickly.

Take a proactive approach to building protection.
Different elements of your metal building have different lifespans. A rooftop turbine ventilator could very well last as long as the building does, for instance, while air conditioning units require regular maintenance — and, eventually, replacement. Keep records indicating purchase dates, service appointments and other indicators related to your facility’s systems. Staying in the know helps you sidestep costly repairs and breakdowns.

Have other questions about how you can safeguard your metal building, and ensure a comfortable environment for team members? Metallic Products would be glad to help. Contact us today to get the conversation started.