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The Florida Approved Product: What it is and Why it’s Different

Incorporating elements from a trusted Florida approved product line into your metal buildings can be an effective way to add an added layer of protection — especially in areas at risk of extreme weather scenarios such as hurricanes. But, what exactly are Florida approved products, and how do they stand apart from other metal building accessories? We’re glad you asked.

At Metallic Products, our Florida approved product line features enhanced versions of popular metal building accessories. Engineered specifically to meet strict code guidelines set by the Florida Building Commission, these products have been img-low-profile-vent-lgrigorously tested by outside agencies to ensure they meet high wind and impact resistance requirements — and can stand up against Mother Nature.

Of course, such designations aren’t to be taken lightly. There are multiple steps that go into the certification process, all aimed at ensuring our Florida approved continuous ridge ventilators, low profile ridge ventilators and wall louvers feature the particular structural resistance properties called out in the Florida Building Code. Here is a quick overview of what the process entails:


  • Testing: Our Florida approved metal building accessories are structurally tested by trusted laboratories. Teams push these products to — and past — their breaking point to see what all they can withstand.
  • Evaluation: Evaluation reports contain detailed wind resistance data that is certified and approved by the Florida Building Commission.
  • Validation: Our product approvals are evaluated by a third-party Florida professional engineer who is registered with the Florida Building Commission.
  • Quality Assurance: Our Florida approved products are manufactured under an audited production quality assurance program to ISO standard 17020 by an ANSI-accredited agency. These regular reviews help ensure we are continually putting forth products approved for their intended use.


These checks and balances play an important role in putting out a safe product, and they are the reason our Florida approved metal building accessories have gained the confidence of industry professionals and quality assurance organizations. If you are interested in learning more about Florida approved products or the Florida Product Approval System — or if you are considering such products into your next metal building — feel free to contact Metallic Products. Our team is always happy to help!