The Wall Louver


Helps Encourage Healthy Ventilation

The wall louver is a deceptively simple way to create safer and healthier indoor environments. On top of all that? They can add to a structure’s overall look, too. But what exactly are wall louvers, and how do they factor into your steel buildings? Read on for a helpful overview from the Metallic Products team.

First Things First: What is a Wall Louver?

There’s a good chance you’ve seen louvers for metal buildings, even if you weren’t aware of it at the time. A wall louver is a panel featuring horizontal blades set at an angle. Sometimes those blades are designed to move, while other times they’re fixed in place. Regardless, their goal is to encourage airflow into — and out of — your structures through natural means. It’s all part of a ventilation concept known as cross ventilation. By placing wall louvers strategically throughout your metal buildings, clean, fresh air moves in, while stale air, heat, fumes and the like are ushered out.

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As with most metal building accessories, with wall louvers you have options. At Metallic Products, for instance, we offer three specific types of louvers for metal buildings. Those include:

  • Fixed Louvers: Designed with immovable blades, fixed louvers keep air flowing while also keeping dirt, bugs and other annoyances outside where they belong — no adjustments needed. They are ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas of your metal building.
  • Adjustable Louvers: With blades that can be opened, closed and tilted to best suit indoor production and manufacturing conditions, as well as outdoor weather scenarios, adjustable louvers provide the same advantages as fixed varieties, while putting a bit more power in your hands. They are ideal for use in areas you can easily access when adjustments are needed.
  • Architectural Louvers: Fixed blades and unique shapes come together in architectural louvers. While this option provides the same ventilation benefits as fixed louvers, they also add some aesthetic oomph to your metal buildings. 

Of course, louver options aren’t limited to those listed above. Metallic Products offers Florida-approved wall louvers, as well. Enhanced versions of our existing products, these louvers are designed to stand up against extreme weather conditions. As with most metal building accessories, louvers also come in a range of sizes and color options, too. In short, you can customize these ventilation tools to meet your metal building’s purpose, color scheme and overall look.


There are a number of reasons the wall louver remains a popular ventilation choice for those with steel buildings. A few of those top highlights include:


Low Maintenance: Louvers truly are a “set it and forget it” sort of metal building accessory. Once the louver is properly in place, that’s more or less it! If you have adjustable louvers, you will want to make sure they are positioned accordingly when bad weather moves through or production ramps up, of course. And periodic checks to make sure nothing is blocking those openings are also a good idea. With few — if any — moving parts to maintain or repair, though, looking after a louver is extremely simple.


Affordability: Due to the aforementioned fact that louvers boast few, if any, moving parts, that means fewer repair and replacement costs. Really, once you’ve paid for the louver vent and installation, the costs are taken care of. In addition, louvers themselves tend to boast pretty low upfront costs.


Easy Airflow: You’ve heard of “out with the bad air, in with the good,” right? That’s basically how louvers operate. Unlike complicated HVAC systems that require wiring, piping and similar planning, louvers are pretty straightforward. Yes, you will want to consult a ventilation expert to ensure you have the right types of louvers in the right areas of your building to create quality ventilation. Other than that,  you’re good to go!



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