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Apex Vents


apex vent

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Metallic Products’ apex vents use the principle of gravity ventilation to usher stagnant air out of your steel buildings — and fresh air in — to create healthier, more comfortable indoor environments. These tools of the trade foster natural ventilation, meaning they work without electricity. With little to no ongoing maintenance required, and zero added electrical costs, apex ventilators make for a cost-effective and energy-efficient ventilation option. Their compact, aesthetically pleasing design makes them perfect for use in retrofit applications, as well as new construction. These metal building accessories are also a simple way to ventilate standing roof seams.

About Our Apex Ventilators

Standard Sizes

Our apex ventilator comes standard in 12” and 20” diameter throat sizes. Other sizes available upon request.


The compact profile is an attractive design that allows for self-acting ventilation of standing seam roofs. There are no operating costs associated with the apex vent. No field assembly means quick and easy installation.


Screened outlet area prevents birds from entering the ventilated area. All steel parts are 24-gauge steel. Screen is expanded aluminum.


Galvalume finish is standard, and other colors — including Kynar® — are available.

NOTE: When ordering, please specify roof slope, base type, damper pull chain and paint color.