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The Gravity Ventilator (and Gravity Ventilation as a Whole)

From the gravity ventilator, to power vents and other great metal building accessories, Metallic Products is proud to offer the tools people need to keep their spaces healthy and comfortable. Even so, we feel we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t touch base periodically on how these accessories work. We’ve decided to step back a bit to cover a basic ventilation concept: Gravity ventilation.

Gravity ventilation is a simple and natural way to get air flowing through a building, and it works by placing openings strategically throughout a space. By putting windows, doors and vents in the right areas, you can encourage airflow and keep temperatures regulated. In many cases, gravity ventilation can help reduce energy bill costs, since the required elements don’t use electricity.

Curious as to how Metallic Products can aid in gravity ventilation plans? Our louvers and vents are both effective tools to incorporate into a metal building’s ventilation system. Here’s a little more about a couple of our products:

Metallic Products Gravity Ventilator

Round Gravity Vents
Perfect for ventilation areas such as lofts, attics, warehouses and industrial buildings, Metallic Products’ round gravity vents are an economic way to provide low-volume air movement. This gravity ventilator is a trusted way to keep driven rain and similar moisture from making its way indoors. Meanwhile, with its wide range of paint and finish options, it blends into any environment. Other ventilation options, such as our continuous ridge vents and turbine vents can also help to keep your spaces working their best for you.

Metallic Products Louver VentThe Louver
The louver is one of those metal building accessories that seems deceptively simple. Comprised of blades installed at 45-degree angles, louvers allow air to flow into a space while still keeping snow, ice, rain, sunlight — and even insects — safely outdoors. We offer a range of louvers to suit various metal building styles and builds, from the fixed louver, to adjustable louvers and even the more designed architectural louver options. Like our gravity ventilator options, all of our louvers are available in a range of colors and finishes to ensure they blend well with a metal building.

We hope this post has helped to explain what exactly gravity ventilation is, and how it can help keep air flow — and quality — healthy within a metal building. If you have questions about gravity ventilation or any of our ventilation products, feel free to give us a call at 800.356.7746 or get to us by using our Contact page. We would love to talk with you!