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The Power Ventilator and Your Metal Building

If you’re like many people, you don’t give your metal building’s power ventilator much thought. After all, when things are in proper working order, the most disruption you experience is a bit of background noise as the power ventilator turns on and off. In truth, however, such ventilation systems play an important role in keeping your building’s interior atmosphere — and its people — healthy. Read on to learn more about how your power vents make a difference.

Metallic Products Power Ventilator

Healthier Air
While operations will vary somewhat depending on your metal building’s specific power vents, they all carry out virtually the same function. That is, they help usher out “bad” things — such as foul odors, heat, smoke and other contaminants — while ushering cleaner air in. That’s right. Your power ventilators are a literal breath of fresh air.

Humidity in Check
The constant air flow your metal building’s power vent provides helps keep excess moisture from becoming trapped indoors. Not only does this help keep your building interior from becoming “muggy” and uncomfortable, but it helps keep your metal building from suffering moisture’s negative effects. We wrote an entire blog post detailing the importance of keeping moisture outside where it belongs. Check it out here!

Happier People
Comfortable people are happy people, and happy people tend to be more productive. By keeping air moving with help from your power ventilator, you create an indoor environment where your team can get work done. This has an obvious impact on day-to-day activities, but it doesn’t end there. That healthier air can also lead to fewer employees requiring time off for sick leave — keeping your operations moving along more smoothly.

Want to know more about what a power ventilator could do for your metal building? Curious about our roof-mount and wall-mount fan options? Has it just been a while since you checked in? We’d love to hear from you. Contact Metallic Products today!