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Ventilation News: Staying Compliant with OSHA Requirements

The United States Department of Labor states that all employees must have a clean and safe working environment, and OSHA requirements play an important role in making that possible. After all, you want to provide your workforce with a space they are comfortable and healthy in.Metallic Products' Tips on Keeping OSHA Requirements Top of Mind

Ventilation might not rank as high on your employees’ list of workplace needs, but when it comes to the air quality and flow in a building, it’s crucial to keep it at the top of your list. To ensure you’re protecting your workforce from particulates, fumes, chemicals and hot, stale air, appropriate ventilation systems are a must.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been associated with headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating and eye, nose, throat and lung irritations. While the symptoms seem minor, they all contribute to the health of your employees.

In addition to physical factors, consider the effects of improper ventilation including temperature control issues, low or high humidity, condensation and mold to name a few.

Following OSHA’s guidelines and creating plans to ensure adequate ventilation to bring acceptable amounts of fresh air in while filtering spent, stagnant air out, will negate most health and building issues.

OSHA standards vary depending on a building’s usage. A general guideline is that when natural ventilation is inadequate to keep air clean and fresh, an employer will have to incorporate a system to expel old air and bring in new air. We recommend reviewing aOSHA’s ventilation and atmospheric condition requirements available online.

Metallic Products takes ventilation very seriously and thermodynamics plays an important role in moving air to make your metal building safe and comfortable for personnel. Our team of experts can help you determine what ventilation products and accessories you need to ensure your air flow is adequate to meet OSHA’s requirements and your workforce’s needs.

Keep your workforce satisfied by providing an ideal working environment. Metallic Products offers vents, fans, louvers and other metal building accessories for a range of ventilation projects. Contact us today for more information.