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Do Power Ventilation Benefits Outweigh the Negatives?

Metallic Products Power Ventilation Tools: Industrial Wall Mount Fans

How much thought have you given to power ventilation? There’s more to ventilation systems than the amount of fresh air they introduce into a space. Metal building owners need to consider the efficiency of the system their using to not drain energy, but also continuously move air throughout a space. Mechanical or power ventilation systems bring fresh air into a building, creating positive pressure causing hot, stale air to be removed.
Many agree that the benefits outweigh the negatives, but review them and decide for yourself:


  • Consistent stream of fresh air
  • Removal of undesirable odors, smoke and contaminants
  • When used with a weather hood, moisture penetration is minimized
  • The use of fan guards provides additional protection against injury from blades
  • Strong steel or aluminum construction reduces rust and corrosion
  • Simple installation process


  • Power consumption
  • Greater noise volume
  • Possibly higher heating and cooling costs
  • Filter placement and accessibility
  • Cost of installation

Metallic Products Commercial & Industrial Wall Fans

  • Wall-mount and roof-mount fans designed for heavy-duty usage
  • Belt drive
  • Single-speed motors up to 5 hp (See options for two speed motors)
  • Balanced steel blades
  • Vibration tested assembly
  • Self-lubricating ball bearings
  • Standard motors are open drip-proof (ODP), 60Hz, single phase, unless otherwise specified (See options for additional motor types)
  • Crated for shipment


  • Wall-mount and roof-mount fans designed for heavy-duty usage
  • Dual speed switch
  • Timer (12-hour)
  • Combination dual speed switch and timer
  • Interior fan guard
  • Exterior weather hood (helps prevent entrance of moisture when fans are used for intake ventilation)
  • Large capacity motors (up to 5 hp, 230/460 volts, with dual-speeds)
  • Two-speed motors, available on V series fans up to 1/2 hp (CFM is reduced approximately 32% at low speed)
  • Totally enclosed and explosion proof motors are available for all VI series fans

Interested in other power ventilation products? Metallic Products offers fan shutters and accessories as well.

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