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Hurricane Season 2020: Are Your Metal Buildings Ready?

Hurricane season 2020 is upon us, and experts anticipate this could be an active one. While Mother Nature is unpredictable, many forecasts call for an estimated eight hurricanes and 17 named storms. As you begin taking hurricane season precautions for your team members and operations, don’t forget to take your metal buildings into consideration.

The good news is, there are many benefits to operating out of metal buildings — especially during hurricane season. Their steel construction makes them ideal for builds in or around flood zones, for instance, while they also keep mold largely at bay. In instances where wind or other issues lead to building damage, repairs are quick and easy, too. So, how should you make sure your structures are prepared for whatever hurricane season 2020 might hold? A few simple steps can help ensure you’re on solid footing.

  • Look Out for Leaks: Hurricanes and tropical storms often deal torrential downpours to affected areas. If unwanted moisture tends to make its way inside your metal buildings, be it due to damaged flashing, roof trouble or a similar issue, now is the time to take action with repairs. Don’t wait until you’re standing ankle-deep in indoor waters.
  • Consider Upgrades: While many metal building accessories look great and offer easy ventilation under normal circumstances, storm conditions are another story. If you live in areas often impacted by heavy winds and tropical storms, consider outfitting your buildings with specialized accessories. Metallic Products offers 12 ventilation accessories approved by the Florida Building Commission, for example. Our Florida approved products include wall louvers, low profile ridge vents and continuous ridge vents, and have been put through extensive wind uplift and large missile-impact testing by outside agencies to make sure they meet Florida’s stringent hurricane building codes.
  • Take Other Common-Sense Measures: When word goes out of a storm in the Gulf, people tend to panic. While you should absolutely be sure you’re stocked up on necessary supplies and have a storm plan in place, other actions can also protect your business and building. Keep an eye out for objects that could come loose and cause damage during high winds, including dead trees or damaged branches. Securely close your adjustable louvers to keep moisture outside. Clear gutters of leaves and other debris to avoid potential troubles. Keeping a calm head can make all the difference.

While no one knows exactly what hurricane season 2020 will bring, we hope these tips help you — and your buildings — approach the season a bit better prepared. Play it safe out there, and feel free to contact our team with any questions you might have!