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Prepare to Hear More from the Metallic Products Team

The Metallic Products team has some news for clients who buy our metal building accessories and ventilation products. You’ll soon be hearing from us a bit more often. (And we think that’s a good thing!)

In an effort to provide the best possible service and experience — and to help make sure clieThe Metallic Products team is working to increase communication, so clients don't miss out on quoted prices.nts don’t accidentally miss out on quoted prices — we’re placing added focus on communication. What exactly does that look like? It basically just means you’ll be receiving a few more emails or phone calls.

Our goal is to get in touch often enough that you remember to take advantage of your quoted prices if you’d like to, but not so often that those calls and emails become a hindrance. Although every project and company is different, the general schedule would go something like this:

  • You submit your completed request for quote (RFQ) form for one of our metal building accessories.
  • A Metallic Products team member responds shortly with your quoted price.
  • 30 days after your RFQ submission, we’ll reach out again.
  • 45 days after that submission, if we haven’t heard from you, we’ll send one last reminder that your quote is about to expire.

As we mentioned, this is all part of an ongoing effort to offer our clients something better. You might recall our recent move to offer e-invoice service, which was another move in this direction.

Of course, the conversation doesn’t have to end after those 45 days following your initial quote. The Metallic Products team is always looking for ways to offer our customers something better, and we welcome your feedback. If you have suggestions related to our metal building accessories, questions about our service, or if you want to chime in about anything else, for that matter, please feel free to contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you — and working with you, too!