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Why is Metal Building Flashing Important?

Metal building flashing is one of those products that most people know they need — even if they aren’t clear on why they need it. At Metallic Products, we take pride in not only designing and manufacturing quality metal building accessories, but in educating others about their use. Our team thought we would take a moment to discuss what flashing is, and why it is important to your building.In simple terms, flashing is waterproof material (in our case, metal) aimed at keeping water out. You find it installed in areas prone to leaks and moisture, such as around windows, vents, walls, doorways and building joints. Flashing’s strategically-engineered angles redirect moisture away from leak-prone areas and into spaces where it won’t cauMetallic Products Metal Building Flashingse damage, such as gutters. When all is said and done, building flashing is a relatively inexpensive safeguard against costly water damage.

It probably comes as no surprise that not all metal building flashing is created equal. In fact, there are nearly as many varieties of flashing as there are building types. At Metallic Products, for instance, we offer flashing among both our standard building trim options and in more customized die form flashing options. Both types are built to last and do their job well, but are catered to different needs.

In order to ensure a secure fit and properly protect your buildings, we encourage you to contact a professional before purchasing and installing flashing. It might not be rocket science, but a proper fit is important. Of course, we’re always glad to help, too. Feel free to contact Metallic Products with any questions you might have. We look forward to speaking with you!