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Know Your Upblast Exhaust Fans: Direct Drive Vs. Belt Drive

Metallic Products Upblast Exhaust FansUpblast exhaust fans play an important role in creating safer, healthier indoor environments by pulling water vapor, fumes and warm air out of your company’s metal buildings. Even so, not every upblast exhaust fan is the same. At Metallic Products, we offer two basic upblast fan options — a direct drive version, and a belt drive version. While both perform the same basic function, they do so in slightly different ways.
Our team has pulled together a helpful run-down of what these products are, and how they differ from one another. Read on to learn more.

Jet Upblast Fan – Direct Drive
The direct drive versions of our upblast fans are powered by motors connected to the fan components. Because these fans do not include belts in their design, they tend to be slightly more efficient (due to lower friction), and easier to both clean and maintain. On the flip side, however, noise levels tend to be somewhat higher than with belt drive fans. Also, because direct drive fans’ blades move at the same speed as their motors, they offer less speed control than belted fan varieties.
View the Jet Upblast Fan – Direct Drive spec sheet.

Jet Upblast Fan – Belt Drive
The belt drive versions of our upblast fans operate (as you might expect) with help from belts which connect the motor to the fan blades and other components. Their construction makes it possible to adjust fan speeds to better meet your building’s needs, and these fans tend to be quieter than their direct drive counterparts. While maintenance is fairly minimal, the fact that belt drive fans contain more moving parts means they typically require a bit more TLC than with direct drive fans.
View the Jet Upblast Fan – Belt Drive spec sheet.

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