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Metallic Products Ushers in Leadership Transition

Metallic Products Board Chairman Daryl Wendt

Several long-time Metallic Products team members have taken new leadership roles in a move aimed at ushering our family-owned company into its next chapter.

On July 1, Daryl Wendt passed the role of chief executive officer to Coy Poret, while Daryl’s son, Travis Wendt, became president. Daryl will remain on as co-owner and chairman of the board.

The change, long part of Metallic Products’ succession plan, is an opportunity to continue providing the quality products and services upon which metal building professionals rely, while allowing team members to continue down their own paths of progression.

Metallic Products CEO Coy Poret

“We’ve been working toward this leadership transition for some time now, keeping everyone informed and taking care to ensure that Coy and Travis are prepared for their new roles,” Daryl said. “This is a very exciting time for our company.”

Metallic Products got our start in 1962 as a trim shop, building ventilation products by hand for Mes-Tex Steel Buildings. Though seemingly simple by today’s standards, our business model revolutionized the industry by allowing metal building manufacturers to outsource the creation of their ventilation accessories. This not only saved them time and money, but shop space, too. As time progressed, we set out on its own and gained a solid reputation for its attention to detail and quality ventilation products.

Metallic Products President Travis Wendt

While titles might be changing, day-to-day operations will remain steady, said Coy, who previously served as president and has been with Metallic Products for 19 years.

“The clients and vendors we work with shouldn’t notice much difference at all,” he explained. “Our team has been working together for many, many years now, and the plan is to continue moving along just as we have been. We have a good thing going.”

Travis, who has put in eight years with Metallic Products to date, agreed. The former vice president of operations said the company’s continued focus on product innovation and customer service will continue.

“We’ve never been a company that was content to rest on our laurels,” he said. “We recently rolled out electronic billing and enhanced products, and we have plans to incorporate more advanced technology into the products we’re putting out. We will always have that drive to continue offering something better.”

Daryl described the leadership transition as a seamless one, and said that he — along with the rest of our team — looks forward to all the future holds.

“I am so proud of what our company is today, and I know there are great things on the horizon,” he said.