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Controlling Allergens in the Workplace

Assessing and controlling allergens in the workplace can seem like a monumental task. After all, with airborne issues ranging from mold in rainy conditions, to pollen during springtime and year-round grass, dust and microbes, there’s no end to the list of potential irritants. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology even lists allergens as the nation’s sixth leading cause of chronic illness. The good news is, a few simple measures can help keep pesky allergens from turning your metal buildings into unhealthy — and uncomfortable — environments. Read on for tips on controlling allergens in the workplace.

Metallic Products Tips on Controlling Allergens in the Workplace

Understand Your Current Situation
Simply noting that team members suffer from itchy eyes or lingering coughs isn’t enough to combat lurking allergens. To truly improve your indoor environments, you must know what you’re up against. Do-it-yourself allergen and pollutant tests can offer helpful insight into what comprises the air in and around your metal buildings. Professional testing is another path to consider. While this option will likely cost more than going the DIY route, results are oftentimes more all-encompassing and accurate.

Assess Your HVAC System
The HVAC system that regulates your metal buildings is your top defense against unwanted allergens — that is, when it’s in proper working order. Make it a point to evaluate your system as a whole every three months or so. Is air flowing as it should? Are your air filters in need of replacement? Has wayward moisture left any areas prone to mold growth? A quick walk through your metal buildings can arm you with all the information you need to know.

Keep Everyone on Alert
Even the most vigilant manager or business owner is bound to miss issues along the way. After all, you can’t be everywhere at once. Get your entire team involved. Ask them to report any potential trouble they might see, and to let someone know if they — or someone they work with — is suffering from allergies on the job. (Our recent blog post, “Preventing Mold in Buildings: Metal Building Maintenance” is a great place to start!)

Controlling allergens in the workplace isn’t rocket science, but it can be tricky. Have questions? We’d love to talk. Feel free to contact the Metallic Products team at any time!